"Our passage through this world is ephemeral, but our legacy must be immortal."

What´s Legendary Masks Club ?

We are a collaborative community, creators of our own mythology and beliefs, our mission is the eternity of our legacy.

Are you ready to be a Legendary?

The Legend Begins

Legendary skins have been a mystery to researchers for decades. They were found inside a cave, in an underground chamber carefully guarded on the slopes of the Tepuy Huachamakari. In it there were hundreds of masks made of stone, clay and precious stones, created with prodigious precision and an unusual coloring for works of the period to which they belong. In the same chamber, stone tablets with inscriptions in a dead and indecipherable language, of which no records were kept, were found. From the archaeological signs it was possible to conclude that they dated from around the year 10,000 BC, but little else could be revealed.
This discovery shook the foundations of Venezuelan historiography. For years it had been thought that the first humans had settled in the area in the year 2,000 BC, as all the discoveries made up to that point confirmed it. However, the discovery of the legendary masks raised many questions about the development of civilization in the Amazon, but only the stone tablets could offer the answers.

Next Mint :

Road map

While the Road Map is still a work in progress, we are happy to share our vision and the goals we have set for the project and the future ahead. We never promise anything directly, this is all a living list of our plans as we go down the road together.

Initial Drop - Óbelus Ritual

Drop of 1000 masks, it will be the initial support of the entire project, it will help us start all the processes and collective dynamics to build our legacy.

Óbelus mythical text

As part of our collective creation dynamic, we will release only for holders the first consolidated ancient text that describes the history of Óbelus. This will be the materialization of the first steps towards the realization of a novel.

Collective Archeology Summit

Digital event - The story is incomplete and the clues are scattered around the world, it is the job of the community to find them to discover it. As elements are discovered about the past of the masks

Offering to Óbelus

Special collection drop with priority for holders of 50 100% on-chain animated Masks

Portal to knowledge

A wiki will open with all the details related to story characters.

Constitution of an editorial DAO

We will create our own editorial

Lanzamiento de Novela

Lanzamiento de la Novela "The Legendary Masks", los participantes del DAO editorial recibirán un porcentaje por ventas físicas del libro


  • How many collections will exist in the Legendary Masks Club universe?

  • Each mask is the representation of a demigod, there will be 20 in total.

  • What makes the Legendary Mask Club difference?

  • We are the only NFT club that will create a creative product outside of the digital realm and we will do it collectively through collaborative dynamics, we will all have the opportunity to profit from the sale of that product.

  • What is my benefit as a holder?

  • All holders will be able to participate in the special dynamics of collective creation. The holders most committed to the project will be copyright holders of the novel “The Legendary Masks

  • Do I have distribution rights to my NFT?

  • Yes, you are the lord and master of your Legendary Mask.

  • How can I choose the percentage of authorship in the novel?

  • You must first join the club, all the information will be revealed to the holders.


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